Andy Gordon Empowering Spreadsheet Users with Probabilistic Programming   (slides)
Catuscia Palamidessi Foundations of Privacy and Quantitative information Flow   (slides)
Christel Baier On classical and non-classical stochastic path problems   (slides)
Frank Wood Inference Compilation and Universal Probabilistic Programming   (slides)
Hongseok Yang Semantics of Higher-Order Probabilistic Programs with Continuous Distributions   (slides)
Javier Esparza Verification of probabilistic infinite-state systems   (slides)
Peter Selinger Quantum Programming   (slides)
Prakash Panangaden Equational reasoning about probabilistic programs   (slides)
Sriram Sankaranarayanan Concentration of Measure Inequalities and Quantitative Analysis of Probabilistic Programs   (slides)
Vitaly Shmatikov Machine Learning Meets Privacy   (slides)
Dexter Kozen Foundations of probabilistic programming: operational and denotational semantics, conservation laws, and duality   (slides)

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